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This game went through two name changes, a week of being lazy and playing Roller Coaster Tycoon, and (gasp) me actually looking at tuts to learn stuff. This is my first game using arrow keys and collisions, with some stuff still yet to come. It's a minigame, and almost all the art is hand-drawn. Enjoy!

Blush Game Demo!

2010-01-19 19:34:55 by Pingu1651

I guess I changed the title.

Anyways, you can play the demo here. Also, LISTEN TO THE INSTRUCTIONS. It is REALLY fast-paced, you won't be able to beat it unless you watch each level at least twice.

Also, I'm thinking about enabling API and giving the money to CARE. I haven't done anything for Haiti yet, that's the least I could do.

Blush Catch!

2010-01-09 22:28:35 by Pingu1651

I'm making a SIMPLE new game so I can't screw it up. All you do is catch Blushes (see my post mood) to beat the level. It starts out falling down, then they start coming from every which way. Totally mouse-controlled. Plus there might be a secret level or two...

I love the Office.

Anyways, I just got an electric drum kit so I'll probably be recording audio. I already have a bass too, so they'll probably just be drum n bass songs. I'm gonna try to make a Flash game. And a GOOD one. Not some crappy point and click adventure. Also, (and I know everyone here hates Pivot) I'm getting back into Pivot. My Pivot skills aren't that bad though, at least compared to my Flash skills. I'll probably do something with PvP (which is basically a fight with two sides to it) soon.

New animation

2009-11-15 00:36:32 by Pingu1651

Ha ha, a new animation. Made with sprites, so like it or don't. It's pretty epic, and it took about two FULL days of work to complete. Anyways, enjoy!

Caddy-Cornering and Sprites.

2009-11-08 21:17:08 by Pingu1651


Anyways, I made a new Tankmen (to replace to other one) using sprites this time. Someone made a sprite sheet and I'm trying my hand at it. Preview it (without sound) here:

Check it out here!

Recommend for Halloween and Tankmen collections! dF_o

Premise: In the year of 2005, the world's animation level has been destroyed, all Flash users obliterated. All that survives are crappy animations that were made for..well, who the hell knows. They are the PIVOTS.

Please give me some C & C in the comments section. This might come here, if it's good enough. Two artists' music are in here too, thanks to those guys!

This wasn't the original TankPivs, but the other one was lost, so I decided to make a 2 second one instead.


2009-09-26 13:27:19 by Pingu1651

The main scene for TankPivs is done, I just need to put in some filler stuff and voice acting.

Expect to see the Beginner's Collab early to mid October. Maybe around the 15th?

Nothing else at the moment. I'll keep all two of you that read this updated!

Two or three things coming up

2009-09-06 16:30:31 by Pingu1651

Just an update on things to come.

1. Beginners Collab
2. TankPivs (Tankmen Parody)

I might do something else, but it's kind of hard to animate with school AND football. I'll do what I can.